Norman Willey

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Writing Practice

You have to see opportunity when it looks you in the eye.
Now is your opportunity to get in on our low prices!

Top Copy Now- this company helps individuals and business with the use of words!
Norman Willey's Top Copy Now has revived the old way of marketing your products.
By telling the truth and selling the truth.

That's correct, we communicate the truth and write the truth.

You CAN handle the truth.
Words are the cord that ties us together. Delicious delightful words can be juicy as an
overripe plum or dull as a bowling ball in a closet.
Words can be seen as fireworks exploding in the sky or little sparklers held in a
Whether writing about copywriter material or a newsletter, you need a
company that tells you the truth and helps you design and place these tasty words in
the proper recipe. Maybe you need someone to visit your company and speak to your
employees about designing the correct salad of words with the correct dressing to reach
the company goals, or marketing your services.
Words; when done correctly are productive.
You need a NEW company who will give you discounts to stir your salad of words.
You need Norman Willey’s Top Copy Now to work for you! Although our brand is new
we have been writing and speaking for 17 years with such companies as Time Warner
Cable and SkillStorm, just to name a few. At Top Copy Now or by
calling our company for  quotes now before your words fall off the vine!